Working together, but separately. Or rather independently. It is a great way for a better organization of your daily-routine work, motivation and inspire each other.
You will pay for the part of shared and already equipped space only. You can get inspired, exchange your experience build on similiar field of activity, meet people with heads full of ideas, who may work in the same business line like you . Try co-working in Natpoll Business Center and add more fresh and new insights to your work.
If the concept of co-working is still unknown or unclear for you, please contact us. We are happy to explain all details and give you more information of on which it is based. We are open to help you with choosing the option that would ideally suit to your expectations.

Each option includes:

  • Attractive price for the access to the conference room
  • Symmetric access to the internet with a throughput 100 Mb/ s
  • Use of multifunction office: unlimited scanning/ photocopying
  • Guest reception desk
  • Use of equipped kitchen (fridge, microwave, kettle), coffee, flavored tea, mineral water without limitation
  • Advertising through Natpoll communication channels (website, events)




Natpoll Business Center has prepared a comfortable office space, fully equipped, which you can arrange for any business activity.
Our price includes a wide range of services:

• Printing
• Making photocopies
• Support
• Reception
• Address for registration and correspondence
Available facilities: desks, comfortable chairs, lighting, shelving. The space is closed with a key.