Natpoll  is situated in Warsaw’s southern district of Ursynów – between Aleja KEN Boulevard and Rosoła Street. It is therefore only 12 km from the centre of Warsaw and 7km away from Okęcie International Airport. Also nearby are the metro stations Natolin and Imielin, which provide rapid transportation to the city centre in 15 minutes any time of day.

Ursynów District:

CSO (Central Statistical Office) indicate that the district has an area of 48.6km2 and 145 938 inhabitants.

One important date in the district’s history is 7 April 1995, when a metro line was launched to allow its residents faster and more effective transportation to the city centre. There are five metro stations within Ursynów district: Kabaty, Natolin, Imielin, Stokłosy and Ursynów. The district is also home to 60 preschools, 23 elementary schools, 17 middle schools, 18 high schools and 2 vocational schools as well as the WAU (Warsaw Agricultural University) campus. The nature reserve known as Kabacki forest enjoys great popularity among not only residents of Ursynów but all of Warsaw as does Powsin Park, a green space well-liked by cyclists. The district offers many restaurants, coffee shops and a Multikino cinema, a seasonal ice rink and sports centre.