Published by: Natalia on February 29, 2016

Adaptation works of the apartment no. 55 in the “E” staircase’s hall, aiming at transforming it into “Storia Di by Sodexo” – and Italian restaurant, are in progress. A similar concept was introduced in April 2015 in one of the office buildings in Gdańsk and it has been very popular among the people working in INTEL office building.

“Storia Di” menu includes typical Italian dishes, such as bruschettas, focaccias, pizzas from oven, pastas or creamy desserts.

Coffee Break – which has so far been located in the “E” staircase’s main hall – will be relocated to the premises of the restaurant, where it will be possible both to eat dishes typical for Italian cuisine as well as drink coffee in nice atmosphere.

Sodexo on-site is a leader in the field of the comprehensive solutions regarding services for real estate. Sodexo develops, manages and delivers services tailored to the customers’ needs in order to improve the quality of life and comfort of the employees in their workplace as well as strengthen the positive image of the company. Sodexo Polska On-site Services manages almost 80 restaurants and provides the technical support of properties in more than 400 sites throughout Poland.

Sodexo Polska On-site Services is one of few companies in the Polish market, providing so various and rich gastronomic services. Our experience allows us to prepare an offer corresponding not only to the needs and expectations of companies, but above all to personal preferences of their employees. Regardless of whether they are looking for a varied and constantly changing menu, want to discover new flavors or whether they just want to have a place where they can enjoy good coffee and eat a piece of delicious cake.

We cordially invite you to “Storia Di by Sodexo” restaurant.
Official opening scheduled for 30.03.2016.