West wing, groundfloor

Commercial area located on the ground floor of the west wing of the complex. 

Surroundings and conditions favorable of service activities focused on the customer both the business and individual consumers. The west wing is located in the communication between Migdalowa Street and Płaskowicką Street, frequented by employees of the building, customers of Biedronka’s store, Mavit and LuxMed’s clinics, a pharmacy, a bank, as well as by locals.

It is almost 1.000 sq.m. area for services and commerce. For rent remain the modules:

1. Premises no WW1 with an area of ​​122 ,00 sq.m. – Ideal for conducting any service activities, including gastronomy, because building permission also includes such purpose surface together with any necessary derogations. The local has a shopwindow and the back door of the supply zone. The possibility of organizing outdoor garden restaurant.

2. Premises no WW2 with an area of ​​126,00 sq.m. – with the shopwindows from the front. Depending on the needs of the tenant surface can be  divided into smaller modules and combined with WW3 Premises.